This Little Girl Escaped From North Korea & Has Revealed Shocking Truth About Korea!

North Korea is one of the weirdest countries in the world which has a number of weird rules. Some rules are such that North Korea does not allow some citizens to even have bubble gums. Can you imagine living in such an oppressive country as North Korea?


Kim Jong Un who is the President of North Korea leads an oppressive regime in North Korea. Kim Jong Un is so evil that he even got his own brother killed recently. His brother was opposed to Kim Jong Un and hence Kim Jong Un got him murdered with toxic gas.

North Korea is known as the darkest place on earth at times. There is a little lady Yeomen Park who has tried to provide real information about the stark living conditions in North Korea.

We share with you the Video Yeonmi Park has shared about the pathetic state of affairs in North Korea. This Video is Bound to make you cry once you watch it in totality. We appeal to Kim Jong Un and North Korean politicians to make the conditions better for common people in North Korea.

Watch Video Here:-

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