Winner Of “Most Beautiful Butt In China” Can’t Wear Tights In Public Due To This Reason

Obsession with women’s behind is as intense as ever. While some don’t mind to go under the knife to get perky butt, others choose to work hard for it. Recently a Miss Bum Bum competition was held in China to find the girl with the best butt.


With the title comes the cash prize of 5,000 yuan (around $730). 19-year-old Gao Qian emerged as the winner of the competition and was titled as the Miss Bum Bum. Judges were impressed with her toned backside and perky backside.


She is a fitness enthusiast, a vlogger and a part time trainer from Shenyang. Gao was chosen out of over 50 contestants and was named the winner of the title by a panel of 7 judges.

Gao, who is 5ft 7inch and weighs 60kg, claims herself to be a very shy person. She says that she entered the contest only after her friends encouraged her to take part in the contest as they thought she has that perfect winner to win the contest.


Gao revealed that she used to spend six hours per day in the gym to train for the contest. After winning the contest, there’s nothing which can come in between Gao’s fitness training.


She will carry on the training even after the contest. She said, “I’m very pleased with the results. I will carry on training no matter how hard it might get. This is the career I love.”

Being a motivation for many young girls in China, Gao is herself inspired by the model and actress Kim Kardashian. She believes Kim has the perfect proportions.


Although China is a conservative country, she said her family has always supported her decision. She said, “My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also think it’s a very positive thing to do,” 

She also told that she has faced a few very awkward situations in public places. Her butt gets a plenty of attention. Therefore to avoid any more awkward situations, she avoids wearing leggings and prefers to wear loose trousers in public places.