Ganesh Acharya Proves That No Goal Is Impossible To Achieve With His Amazing Transformation

Nothing is impossible to achieve if you are focussed on your goal and work hard towards it. And this video of Ganesh Acharya proves the same.

Ganesh Acharya is a famous Bollywood choreographer, film director, and occasional film actor. He has choreographed hit dance numbers in superhit movies like Singham and Bodyguard.

He is a true inspiration for those who are struggling with obesity and want to become fit. His amazing transformation gives us true body goals. From Fat to Fit he has undergone a drastic change.

Ganesh already weighed 160 Kgs but was asked to gain 40 Kgs more. This is indeed shocking for y’all but you will surely agree with his decision after you hear the reason behind it.

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The first thing which encourages us all is that Acharya never tried to hide behind his weight. He faced severe criticism in the face due to his obese, overweight figure, discouraging him that he would never become a choreographer. However, all those mouths got shut when he choreographed all those dance numbers that everyone loves to watch.

He loves himself the way he is and never gave up on the way of his dreams.He started his dance group at a young age of 12. Ganesh’s father died when he was just 10.

This plunged his whole family into a great financial crisis. To help his family he had to leave his studies in between and started learning the art of dancing from his sister. Later he began with his own dance group.

When he was signed for a film, the makers demanded that he should gain some extra kilos as it was necessary for the movie. It was a Hindi action comedy film and the makers asked him to gain 40 kilos more over his already 160 kilos.

Even with such a heavy body, he was able to do many action scenes in the movie. According to a Jagran post, he was quite satisfied with his work.

Here’s how he looks now, losing all those kilos out of his body. Below is a video of his extreme transformation. I am sure that his inspirational story about his weight gain and subsequent weight loss will encourage many to never quit following your dreams no matter how hard it gets.

Ganesh Acharya is looking very handsome in this black attire with sunglasses on.

Watch the video here-

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