These Interesting Facts Prove That Game Of Thrones Is More Desi Than Your Imagination

Unarguably Game of Thrones is the most watched International television series. After an end of a season, fans wait for the next season desperately. It goes on without saying that Game Of Thrones has achieved a legendary position.

This popular television series has got fans from all over the world. Even in India where people are not much into international television series, this show has managed to get here also a huge fan base.


If you are an Indian Game of Thrones fan then this article is definitely for you. Most of the people think that Game Of Thrones is an International show with no Indian connection. But do you now that Game Of Thrones has got a serious desi connection with our country. Yes, GOT has got a serious Indian connection. Check it out.


1. Khaleesi’s formidable dragons were created in Mumbai studios

Everyone’s favorite Khaleesi’s dragons were neither created in a US studio nor in UK studio. Infact it was born out of studios in Mumbai. The company which was asked to create dragons is a subsidiary of Prana studio, LA.

2. Got Merchandise is from Dehradun


From Jon Snow’s iconic coat to GOT’s merchandise all of these are manufactured in India. Two Deharadun companies Lord Of Battles and Windless and sons are the only Indian companies which have got the license to manufacture GOT’s merchandise.

3. Game of Thrones cast has got some actors from Indian origin as well

Very few people know that actor Staz Nair is half Indian as well as Half Russian. Moreover, actor Indira Verma who plays the role Ellaria Sands also belongs to the Indian origin.

4. Even the costumes and tents were manufactured in India


Not just the frivolous dragons and swords, costumes and tents that are used in GOT are also made in India. There are basically produced in Lajpat Nagar. Company Rangrasons that is situated at Lajpat Nagar produces tents and costumes for GOT.