Following These Steps You Can Light Up Your iPhone Like A Macbook


Sometimes, it’s not easy to make your iPhone stand out in a sea of iPhones. You can change your wallpaper or get a unique cover for your iPhone. But besides that, there’s no other way. Today we are going to show you one very interesting iPhone hack.


How would you like your iPhone light up like a Macbook? Sounds good isn’t it. You can make your iPhone light up but you would require some technical ability as you actually have to open up your iPhone. As you know there’s no LED, you have to install one on your phone.

One more important thing before you get started. Doing this will void your warranty. So do this only if your iPhone is an old one. As you need to install a Led, you”ll require a kit.


Before you begin, you are doing this at your own risk. Don’t try this if you are a faint of heart as it requires opening up up your iPhone. Moreover, this will void your warranty if you have one.

Open your phone


First of all switch off your phone. Using the screwdriver unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the phone. Using the suction cap in the kit pull the glass screen off.


It’s not important to remove the screen from the case, but this will make the next steps easier. While doing this take care not to scratch any of the components with the screwdriver. After pulling off your glass screen off, remove your battery. You”ll see some tapes. Scratch them off and you”ll see three more screws that you have to unscrew.

Finally, now you can see the Apple logo. Pull that off carefully and attach the LED light to the Apply logo. Place the battery and other components back to their place.

Finishing Up

Switch on your iPhone and Enjoy showing it off in front of your friends.

Here’s a video that will hep you in case you face any problem