Film Cast Denied To Appear On The Kapil Sharma Show Censor Board Denied certification


A film to be released this week by the censor board refused to grant certification, this has been postponed due to the release indefinitely. The censor board due to his decision, stating that “The film has not come to a comedy show banda Kapil Sharma and we went straight face lift.”

Kapil Kapil Show2 put attendance at the show reverence Tiger G & G
The film’s producer-director and artist are shocked by this decision. Maudlin film producer told the news Feking “We were just about to show Fellow But before the board handed us this notice. Notices that are asking us why we did not jump to the film people dancing there. ”

When we told this to the sensor board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani he immediately got into a tizzy. Then a little cool and Spoke “Two days later, his Pichcr releases, and when they go … next year!”

“Take a look up the complete record of two years! In case a new Pichcr comes Kapil show his people are in any case .. as per guideline. Certificate course to take us there on they forget not forget to jive to the beats. ”

“What Pichcr this coming week, I also know it by looking at Kapil’s show runs.” – Pahlaj he said with a wink.

He then said to our reporter showed its rule book “Next month we are going to change their rules. Bollywood’s films will be found in the sensor Certificate Kapil comedy show. The extra space in the two rounds at The Film will survive …