Filed Complaint Against Amitabh Bachchan For Singing ‘Incorrect’ National Anthem

New Delhi’s Ashok Nagar police station against Big B since he allegedly sung the national anthem incorrectly during World T20 clash between Pakistan and India.
The complaint that Ulhas PR filed stated that he sung the national anthem incorrectly and its duration was 1 minute 22 seconds as against 52 seconds as per Ministry of Home Affairs’ guidelines.


Here’s complaint copy:-


Have a look at major highlights of this complaint:

1. He sang it for 1 minute 22 seconds instead of 52 seconds.

2. He sung it in a different tune.

3. He used ‘Sindhu’ instead of ‘Sindh’ and this is against the law passed by Supreme Court in 2005.

4. He used ‘Nayak’ word instead of ‘Dayak’.

Have A Look In This Video :-

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