Features Of Mukesh Ambani’s Luxurious Vanity Van Will Leave You Speechless

Mukesh Ambani is the most renowned business tycoon of India. He is one of the richest persons of India. Moreover, he is the managing director, chairman and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries limited.

Most of us have seen his luxurious house’s pics on Internet. His house “Antilia” is situated on Altamount street in Mumbai.


In November 2014, after Buckingham Palace, his house was deemed to be the most expensive residential property. But today we are going to shift your focus from his house to his vanity van. He is “The Renowned Mukesh Ambani”. From his house to private jets, everything related to him is extraordinary.


So how could his vanity be like any other normal vanity? He recently bought a new and luxurious vanity van. For the van, he had spent a whopping amount of Rs 1.85 crores as RTO tax.


The price of the van is Rs 25 crores. It is a perfect combination of luxury and technology. The features are totally unimaginative. You would have never imagined that a vanity van these kinds of amazing features.


So we can ay that it is no less than a moving hotel. The van has 2 bedrooms, a mini discussion room an upper relaxing zone and a hall

It has a fully centralized AC which cools the entire van in just 22 seconds. Moreover, it is totally sound proof with GPS and video surveillance devices.


So the best thing about it is that the person sitting inside this luxurious van can have a complete view of what is happening outside it.

So this is how the van looks like from inside


Personal bedroom


Another bedroom




Mini discussion room


Upper relaxing zone


Isn’t the amenities of this luxurious vanity van just awesome? Share your views with us in the comments section.

Image source: YouTube