Famous People Who Died While Doing The Work They Loved Most

Death is inevitable, and what is better dying while doing the thing you love most. Recently we have seen quite a few unfortunate demise of people we really loved. Though it is heart breaking but still we can pacify ourselves with the fact that they died while doing the work they loved most.

1. A.P.J. Kalam


Our “Missile Man” and children’s favorite, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam died while delivering a lecture at IIM Shillong on 27th of July. A man of dignity who devoted all his life just for the sake of his country is an inspiration for us. Before serving as eleventh President of India, Dr, Kalam was one of the most important people in DRDO and ISRO and gave his efforts in developing missile technology of India.

2. Paul Walker


Now who doesn’t know him. Paul, American actor was well-known for his movie streak ‘Fast and Furious’. His love for automobiles are quite famous. Apart from being a sports car fanatic he was also a true human. He founded a charity fund named “Reach Out Worldwide”. Paul died in a car collision while he was on  a drive with one of his friend Roger Rodas on 30th November 2013. He was just 40.

3. Phil Hughes


During a match during Sheffield Shield tournament, Phil was hit at the back of his neck by a bouncer and collapsed at that very moment. After a couple of days of intensive care in induced coma he passed away on 27th of November 2014. He was Australia’s youngest test centurion.

4. Steve Irwin


Not many know him, but people who are interested in wildlife they must be knowing this man of steel. Famous as “The Crocodile Hunter”, Steve was an Australian wildlife expert. He was well-known for television show  named ‘Crocodile Hunter’. He died while shooting a documentary in 2006. A stingray barb thwarted his chest while he was underwater doing his favorite work.

5. Tommy Cooper


This man was responsible for amalgamating magic with comedy. One of the best stage performer world has ever encountered. He died in 1984 while performing in ‘Her majesty’s theater’, a show which was aired on television and was seen by millions. He died during his performance. He suffered cardiac arrest on stage which people though was a part of the show!

6. Alex Lowe


Alex was a well-renowned mountaineer. He redefined the art of climbing mountains and was regarded as the finest climber by his peers. He conquered many peaks including in Asia, Antarctica, and North America. He died while climbing Himalayas. When he was leaving Shishapangma, world’s 14th highest peak he was caught in an avalanche and lost his life.