These Are The 7 Most Expensive Houses Owned By Indian Billionaires And Their Cost

Your lifestyle reflects your wealth. That is why the Billionaires never miss a chance to show it off in their lifestyle. be it their cars, mobile phones or house they don’t mind to spend a whopping amount on them. A house is a place where a person spends the maximum time. Therefore every person tries to make it look as good as possible. In that case how Billionaires can be left behind in the race. Here are the 7 most expensive houses and their costs.

1. Mukesh Ambani


Mukesh Ambani is the chairman and MD of Reliance Industries. Undoubtedly he is one of the richest persons of India. His house “Antilia” is in Mumbai and the most expensive house in India. His house Antilia costs Rs 10,000 crore.

2. Gautam Singhania


The JK house of Gautam Singhania is the second costliest house in India. It costs Rs. 7100 crore. The house encompasses facilities like spa, pool, and sea view.

3. Anil Ambani


Anil Ambani is one of the most popular business tycoons. Like his elder brother, he has a mesmerizing house Abode that worth Rs 5000 crore.

4. Kumar Mangalam Birla


Kumar Mangalam Birla is the chairman of Aditya Birla Group. He owns a magnificent house that accommodates 20 bedrooms and 20 guest rooms. Spread in 28,000 the house cost Rs 425 crore.


5. Naveen And Sajjan Jindal


Naveen and Sajjan Jindal are successful Indian entrepreneurs. Their house was designed with fine arts and costs Rs 400 crore.

6. Rana Kapoor


He is the founder and CEO of Yes bank. His house which is spread over 14,800 square feet costs Rs 128 crore. Moreover, it is neighbored by Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia.

7. Ratan Tata


He is the former chairman of Tata Sons. He has a huge house spread over 13,500 square feet. The cost of this beautiful house is Rs 125 crore.