EXCLUSIVE: Anushka Sharma CONGRATULATED Virat Kohli For India’s Win Over Pakistan!


Yes, she did…

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kholi have decided to part ways for good. As much as we wanted both of them to patch things up, it seems difficult now. It was definitely a shocker because they had only begun accepting the relationship in public and giving out statements about each other. And one fine day, they decided to call it quits. Many rumours did the rounds that a patch up could be possible. Now we don’t about that but it seems despite all the heartburn, Anushka still wishes good for Virat. We hear the actress congratulated the cricketer after winning the match against Pakistan that was held in Kolkata today.

Yes, you read it right. According to a source, “As soon as the winning runs were made, Anushka texted a congratulatory message to Virat wishing him on the win.” That’s really sweet of her. We are pretty sure even Virat felt great after getting her message. It seems their relationship hasn’t gone so sour that they would have to think twice before texting good wishes to each other. That is really heartwarming. In an industry where affairs are getting uglier by the day, this seems to be a mature way of dealing it.

But it also gave us a glimmer of hope that it won’t be a far fetched notion for us to expect a reconciliation between the two at some point. And trust us, we would definitely love that because you two make one of the most good looking couples.

Published By : Bollywood Life