Epic Short Film “Jai Hind” Featuring Manoj Bajpaye & Raveena Tandon Will Make You Realize Significance Of Freedom


manoj-bajpai-raveena-tandon-jai-hind -shortfilm

We often forget the importance of Freedom because we live in a free and democratic country. How would you have felt if you where still under the rule of colonials.India’s Independence day is coming up but is it still relevant for our young generation!! Most of us take Independence as granted and don’t even understand what it was like to grow in pre-independence day.

Have you imagined a life without independence? Our generation is really lucky to have been born in Independent India. Sometimes, we take it for granted and for most of us, the day is simply another holiday.

This epic short film “Jai Hind” featuring Manoj Bajpaye and Raveena will make you realize that.

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