Epic Diwali Prank: This Is The Best & Most Entertaining Prank You’ll Watch Ever

How many Diwali pranks have you seen so far? Did they really amuse you as much as this one? Here we present you an awesome Diwali prank by Funk You which will make you wish that you too must have or should try something like this or how exciting it would’ve been if you were there.

Disclaimer: DO NOT Try To Imitate This Prank. The Crackers Used In The Video Were Tested To Be Harmless For The Prank And Precautions Had Been Taken For The Same.


Must Watch Video:

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How did you find the video? We request you not to try this prank on your own!! Just share and make others laugh too this Diwali!! Bring a smile on someone’s face and don’t forget to share your views with regard to it in the comments section below.