This is How You Can Edit Your Sent Messages On WhatsApp Its Amazing!

Whatsapp is a great app to chat with friends, make voice calls and video calls. We can also make groups and send files, audios, pictures, and messages to multiple people at a time. While there were Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in competition, Whatsapp created its own place as the most used app of all.


Nowadays every smart comes with a pre-installation of Whatsapp. It is very common to find Whatsapp in every other cell phone. Coming to the usage, it is pretty simple. But recently some additions were made to it like stories, resend already sent texts accompanied by more text, etc.

The most recent of all is the editing of already sent texts or even deleting them permanently. It is such a relief that Whatsapp introduced such a feature. There are many times we regret sending a text or send some wrong texts which need editing.


At such times, we end up with no choice except regretting or apologizing. But this app is a total savior. Although this feature is not released yet. However, you will soon be able to take its advantage.

This new version will be soon released. There are already a lot of methods available on the Internet which promises you to delete your sent texts. However, none of them works as the makers themselves does not have this much access to the users.


In addition to that, this feature will also let you recall the messages you sent in the past five minutes and correct your mistakes.

Any type of messages including text-based messages as well as those that include images, videos, and GIFs can be recalled. Sent files with quoted messages and attached documents can also be retrieved and you can rectify the messages.


However, there is a limitation to this feature. It will not work if the recipient has already seen the text. If the message has already been read by the recipient or you don’t correct the error within five minutes of sending the message, the message cannot be rectified.

Its release date has been halted by the makers but they assured the users that it will be available in 2.17.30+ version.

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