Dolly Bindra Says Radhe Maa Holds “Nude, S*X Parties”

This time, Dolly is back with one more shocking, in fact the most shocking revelation about the Godwoman, saying she holds Nude S*X Parties.


As said by Dolly Bindra, “I cannot describe in words what I went through. They were playing Bollywood item numbers and at the behest of Radhe Maa, her followers stripped naked and assaulted me sexually in the worst ways.

When Dolly was questioned about her being mum with regard to this matter, she maintains that the Godwoman promised her to bless with a kid. Dolly said, “Mere man mein bacche ka lalach thaa”. Claims of Dolly are echoes by Kapil Arora, fashion designer who is also used to be an ex-follower of Radhe Maa; he confirmed, “Yes, Radhe Maa organises sex parties. She also exploited my 24-year-old male relative.”

However, there are few followers of Radhe Maa who call these allegations ‘publicity attempts’, whereas some are of the opinion that they will stop following her if the charges against her are proved true.