Do You Know? Nita Ambani, Starts Her Day With A Cup Of Tea Worth 3 Lakh Rupee

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani’s birthday is November 1. Nita Ambani also maintain a separate identity in the country. She also owns the Mumbai Indians and the successful business woman. Let’s see what things are like and what not to Nita Ambani.
1. Start the morning with tea is 3 Lakh
They start the day, Japan’s oldest crockery brand Noritek ‘cup of tea. The price of a cup is 3 Lakh.


2. Nita is fond of branded watches
Nita Ambani are very excited about her watch. She also has a fancier. Her watch collection Bulgari, Cartier, Rado, Gucci, Calvin Klein and includes brands like Fossil.


Source: amarujala

3. Nita is crazy for precious purses.
The world’s most expensive brands like Handbags Snel, Goyard and Jimmy Choo collection at Nita is near. They are the most affordable in the function. These are small-sized diamonds on the clutch. Their price starts from 3-4 million.


4. The shoes do not ever repeat
Nita Ambani is fond of stylish shoes. Nita Ambani, her shoes do not ever repeat. Her Padro, Garcia, Jimmy Choo, Pelmodha, Marlin brand shoes and sandals. All these brands of shoes in a lakh is only the beginning.


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