Do Not Marry Your Guy If He Ever Did These 4 Things To You

Two people fell in love, start dating and after few years of knowing each other get married. This was no less than a Bollywood movie story with a happy ending. This is a perfect Karan Johar’s Bollywood romantic movie story.  However, in reality, things aren’t as easy as it looks.


A relationship requires efforts from both the sides. Love, trust and respect are an integral part of any relationship. If any one of them is missing, then the relationship has no future. Sooner you realize that better it will be for you.


Marriage is a decision that needs to be taken with very care. It’s a lifetime commitment. So it’s necessary to check if the person is worth your lifetime commitment or not. If your guy does these 4 things, then you should definitely not marry him.



Someone said it right, “Once a cheater always a cheater”. Trust is a crucial part of any relationship. It is a base on which the relationship is built. And when that base is removed, there is nothing left in a relationship. If you partner has ever cheated on you, then how can you say that he will not do it the next time.  



Be it domestic violence post marriage or violence before marriage, nothing is acceptable. Raising on your lady can never be a manly act. It is a cowardly act. If he raises his hand on you, then you should without a second thought leave him.

Doesn’t give you the girlfriend title


If you have been dating a guy for like 6- 8 months, and till he hasn’t given you the official name to your relationship, then he is not worth your time. A guy who can’t commit you and accepts you as his girlfriend then it is the sign that you should move on.



Addiction can be of anything. It can be of smoking, alcohol or sex. It is not easy to stick with a person for the whole life when he suffers from addiction. A person who is addicted to something can leave anyone seriously anyone to fix his addiction.