Differently Abled Man Asked For Rs 10 For Polishing Boy’s Shoes. What Boy Did In Return Was Incredible

Most of us every day complain about one or the other thing that happens in our life. Be it a word with the colleague or low grades or our salary. But do we ever take some time out from our hectic life to be thankful for what we have? No. But today after knowing about this differently abled person you will.


While coming out of a metro station, this young boy saw an elderly man repairing shoes. As the man’s eyes were looking for customers, the boy approached him.

They both got engaged in a conversation. The differently abled man told him that he lost his leg while working for a company.


After that, he tried to get work but failed because of the accident. However, unlike other people who starts begging, he didn’t do the same. He believes in doing hard work and not begging. So to earn his living he started polishing shoes outside the metro station.


When the boy asked him if he drinks alcohol or is addicted to something. The elderly man denied it. After this, the boy got his shoes polished. The man after polishing the shoes asked for 10 RS.


But the boy instead of giving Rs 10 did something unexpected. What he did was unexpected and will touch your heart.

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What the boy did for this man would have actually helped him. More respect to this guy. However, there was one thing we found very disturbing as well as ridiculous.


The man told the boy that people bargain with him after getting their shoes polished. The people who bargain with him are probably the same people who spend a whopping amount on their branded clothes and accessories.But when it comes to giving Rs 10 which is a very nominal account, they bargain with poor people him.

There are many people who give up on life very easily. But this man is a living example how one should never give up. He is such an inspiration to all of us.

Image Source: YouTube