Desperate Boy Asked Girl For Nudes But What She Sends Him Was Epic

You met a guy on a social networking site, starts talking to him and might even share your contact number. He seems to be a gentleman until like any other desperate guy he also asks for your nudes. For some weird reasons asking for nudes has become a common practice among some perverts.

Desperate boy

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Girls often come across those desperate guys on social networking sites who didn’t hesitate from asking for nudes. Most of the times we girls try to ignore these texts or change the topic. But when the situation seems a little more irritating, we end up blocking them.

We aren’t saying that every guy you met on Internet is same. However, once in a lifetime you”ll come across a pervert and will wonder how to deal with them. Girls, you”ll get your answer in the story below. Instead of blocking that guy, just do what this girl did when a desperate guy asked for her nudes.

The boy in this story also asked her to send her nudes to him. But she dealt with the situation very tactfully. Instead of sending him her pics or blocking him, she send something which was least expected by the guy.

Desperate Boy

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What she sends him was epic. It was the best reply she could have given to that guy. So the next time you come across a pervert, shock him like this girl did with your epic reply.