Deepika Didn’t Like Boyfriend Ranveer’s Moustache & Just Cut It Off

True, Bajirao and Mastani of Bollywood don’t make an attempt to hide their relationship, be it on social media or publicly. We are talking about sensational Deepika Padukone and dashing Ranveer Singh who openly enjoy their relation and indeed make a mind-blowing couple who seem to take pleasure in everything they do and that too, without their professional lives making any impact on the personal ones, which is no doubt a creditable thing on the part of both the stars.

Whether you are their fan or not, you must be knowing that they constantly upload some of their funny activities on social media, especially on Twiter and this time again, they have done something amusing which would not only entertain but also make you go ‘aww’ on their sweet relation.

Not every girl likes moustache and so does Deepika. For a while, we saw Ranveer showing off his nicely-shaped moustache which he grew up for Bajirao Mastani but it seems that it wasn’t likable on the part of his girl and so she just took a pair of scissors and cut it off!

Here’s how effortlessly she did it:

They really make a cute, happy and amazing couple, don’t they? What is your opinion in this connection? Share your views in the comments section below.

Source : Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes