This Cute Couple’s Selfie Is Scaring The Internet, Look Carefully To Find Out What’s Creepy

Internet has become a place where people come for satisfaction and fulfillment. With the advent of Internet, social sites look more like a place where people show off their life. If you are an active user, then you must be well aware of people sharing pics of their vacation, pets, and food.

In this era taking picture of every occasion and sharing it on social sites is considered as a ritual. Netizens are obsessed with sharing pictures with hashtags. It has become a way to express love for anything or anyone.

One such user took a cute selfie with his girlfriend and shared it on the Internet. He captioned the pic,  adore my better half regardless of the possibility that she’s a Gemini.” 

The cute selfie which was supposed to look cute to everyone ended up scaring the shit out of people. Whoever saw this selfie was left shocked. This pic was retweeted for more than 49k times. Moreover, it received over 100 k likes.

At first look, the photo looks normal. But if you look at this picture carefully, you”ll realize that there’s something very scary in this pics.

Just look at the pic carefully

Didn’t get what’s creepy? Look at the mirror. The couple is standing at in front of the mirror. The mirror should show the reflection of their back. while the mirror shows the back of the boy, it reflects the face of the girl.

You might have seen numerous couple’s pic on the Internet. However, this one is baffling as well as scary.

Twitter users were left horrified when they saw girl’s reflection in the mirror. It’s hard to understand how is this even possible. Even Science fails to explain it. So what was that? If you know the answer then share it with us in the comments section.