Crazy Facts About Japan Which Will Make You Want To Go There!

What do we know about Japan? Nothing much, I guess! Here are some fun facts-

1. The world’s oldest company operated in Japan from 578 AD to 2006.jap

2. Japan is the home of over 50,000 people who are older than 100 years!

3. Eating a raw horse is perfectly normal in Japan. Eating a live frog is new trend these days.

eating-live-Frog-Japan-600x409 raw

4. 70% of the country’s land is covered with mountains with 200 active volcanoes.



5. There are approximately 1,500 earthquakes in Japan.

6. In Japan it is rude to say ‘no’ directly. AND also, sleeping on the job is acceptable!

7. Drinking or eating while walking is considered rude! Why?

8. ‘Yaeba’ or crooked teeth are considered attractive. So, girls often visit the dentist to un-straighten their teeth.



9. There are lactating bars in Japan which provide fresh human breast milk: a shot or even from the nipple.

10. Slurping while eating noodles is polite and indicate the food is delicious! Also, the squid is a popular pizza topping in Japan



Doesn’t Japan sound like home already?