Couple Thinks Son Is Too Young To Understand What They’re Doing. But Then This Happened.

The new generation of kids has become really quick witted and too spookily intelligent. They have enough sources to gather knowledge of things they want to know.

These inquisitive minds tend to prove themselves hilarious in every situation and have an answer to almost every question they get on with.

The same thing happened with these parents when they thought that their kid was too small to understand what they were doing.

This couple made their 8 year old son stand in the balcony and give reports of the neighborhood.

Just for his amusement, a popsicle was also provided to the kid to keep in distracted from what his parents were about to do.

Just as they started their plan, the kid started giving information of things going around in the neighborhood..

But, at last he said something which made the couple astonished and the logic behind it with the wit the kid showed is just hilarious.

read the story to know what he said and why!

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