8 Common Sleep Problems And How To Solve Them Easily

All of you will agree that sleeping is one of the most satisfying activity a person can do. After a tiresome and laborious day, a good sleep is must to have. 6 hrs of sleep is as good for a human body as food is to the system. However, sometimes it can also be one of the most difficult things to do.

What will you do if you start feeling unwell and drained out of energy all day because of lack of good sleep? To help you out of it, today we have compiled few common sleep problems and ways to fix them easily.

1. Snoring


You may not know if you snore but if you sleep with your partner then he surely does. Try sleeping on your side or keep a pillow to keep your head and neck straight.

2. Back pain


If you wake up with a back pain, that indicates your wrong body posture while you were asleep. Try sleeping on your back and keep a pillow underneath your legs.

3. Neck pain


Neck pain is one of the most common problems. Again sleeping on your back is recommended and this position is known as Supine position.

4. Leg Cramps


Night leg cramps can attack anyone. To get rid of leg cramps, do stretching before going to bed. Moreover, in order to reduce the risk of cramps in the future, do exercises thrice a day to stretch the affected area.

5. Heartburn


It is a common symptom created by acid reflux. Stay away from cigarettes smoke and avoid caffeine.  You can also chew gums to neutralize the acids. In addition to it, sleep on your side, it will prevent the food from coming up to the esophagus.

6. Can’t fall asleep


This is one of the most common sleep problems. With the advent of cell phones, the number of people facing this issue has risen up substantially. First of all switch off your cell phone. Pick a novel that entices you. Reading a book will make your eyes tired which in turn will make you fall asleep quickly.

7. No fixed wake-up time


Most of us complain about not being able to wake up at a fixed time. This is very easy to solve. The key is repetition. Fix a time and start waking up at that time only even if it’s your holiday.

8. Waking up with a shoulder pain


Do not side at your side. Sleep on your back to prevent shoulder pain. Sleeping on the back is the most advisable position by doctors.