Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK) Is The Best Show


Comedy Nights With Kapil is the best show ever because it’s based on the Real Facts. The show try to control or stop antisocial principals. Like as you all know about the Kerala’s cruel dog killings.

They kill 500,000 dogs each year by poisoning them on its streets for your tourist money.
And for this Comedy Nights With Kapil appeals to Kerala government that not to kill dogs.

With the help of the show they also try to present all the fresh topics like cost inflation in front of the audiences in a comedy way and also having a comic humor in them. Like as you know “Radhe Maa” has hit headlines in recent weeks.

So the show try to present it in a comic way with a character name “Faydee maa”. That’s why Comedy Nights With Kapil is the best.

Not only the trending news or fresh topics even the show also supports Animal Adoption the PETA. Well PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 3 million members and supporters. Kapil and his crew are always helping animals both on and off camera.


Kapil is an angel for animals. He help homeless animals and to encourage people to adopt them from shelters or the street. He and his adopted dog, Zanjeer have set an example for many others to follow.

Comedy Nights With Kapil is not only the comedy show but it’s also a family show that’s why also CNWK is the best show. and Here in the show the shayari’s of siddhu Paji is precedent in all the way. That why also the Comedy Nights With Kapil is the best.

The show is running succesfully form last 2 years and behind the show there is lot of hard work of the team members of CNWK.

Here I Manisha thanking you for what you all do for us to make our families happy in any situation. Thank you CNWK and the entire team for giving us our life.


Submitted By Manisha From Delhi.