Colors TV Did This Again. Why Do Colors TV Hate Kapil Sharma This Much?

This time Colors TV had deleted all the episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil which were uploaded on Youtube are deleted by them. Why they did this? When any of Kapil Fans upload any Video dedicated about their love for Kapil Colors TV make it get deleted on Youtube. When Kapil Fans share something about Kapil like any leaked video. Colors TV again do the same they report about it and make it get deleted as soon as possible.

Channel 1.


2nd Channel Of CNWK.


Screenshot of youtube Channel

They Should Know :-

Kapil Sharma is big brand than them.


Kapil did shows with SONY in comedy circus for a long duration of time. Then Kapil decided to make his own show with Colors TV. As Colors deleted all episodes but SONY Channel never deleted any episode yet.

Colors TV is being Such a hater of Kapil but why?