After Seeing These Cheques, Even The Bank Managers Couldn’t Control Their Laughter

Be it for opening a bank account or withdrawing money, we all have gone to Bank for one purpose or the another. Bank is a financial institution that takes care of our money. It performs functions like lending loan or accepting deposit.

As it performs such vital functions, the bank employees are always seen working very seriously. But sometimes the details in cheques or deposit slips are so funny that even the managers can’t stop their laughter. Today we have complied some cheques that are very funny. Have a look and enjoy.


Looking at this draft, it seems like the person who has filled it is from the time period when a person could survive with just Rs32 in his hand

Can’t believe a person can be this much dumb


To a Munna from his parents

We are wondering what he will do with this huge amount

Can people seriously do stuff like these

After seeing these pics it looks like a class needs to be arranged to teach people how to fill in the details. By the way aren’t they hilarious? Do let us know in the comment section.