Here’s How You Can See Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Everyone wants to know who has been stalking their Facebook or Instagram profile. Especially their ex or any mean girl from college. The common question behind this etching desire is to find out – Whether my crush checks my profile? , Who views my pics?, Which girl/Boy always sees my profile? and so on.

People are curious to find out who has been stalking them on Facebook


It is a natural desire. But people sometimes get tricked by hoax software that does not prove appropriate results. They are just spamming on their social media walls. So we will help you out a little bit here.

Here’s a wonderful trick that will help you find who visited your profile?


These simple steps will help you find out:

  1. Go To Your Facebook timeline-
  2. Right click on your timeline and hit “View Page Source”.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to a new page with lots codes.
  4. Hold CTRL+F on your keyboard, a text box appears at the right corner, in that box, type- “InitialChatFriendsList”
  5. Next, to that word, you will see a list of numbers, these are the profile ids of people who visit your timeline.
  6. Now go to “”  and paste the ID number beside it with a “\”. For example, if the ID is 1234, you have to put it as-
  7. The first ID shows the one who visits profile more often while the last ID never visits your profile!

Here is one more trick that’ll help you know about your stalker


Since both Instagram and Facebook now provides with a new feature i.e. Story, it helps a lot in knowing about the person who visits your profile. When you share something as a story on social media, a list of names of people appears who have seen the story. This provides you with the information that these people visited your profile and hence checked your story.

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