Check How Colors TV Is Using Deepika Padukone To Stop Us From Watching Kapil’s New Show

We all know that Kapil Sharma is the best stand up comedian in India and his show “Comedy Nights with Kapil” was the most popular show on Indian television for last 2-3 years. However, Kapil has had some issues with Colors channel which has resulted in the show being closed down.

Colors has replaced Kapil’s show with “Comedy Nights Bachao” which has had some tepid response from the audience. However, Colors has been hell bent on promoting the show in spite of it being no comparison for Kapil’s awesome comedy.

Kapil being Kapil, he is now coming out with another comedy show on Sony television and the same will start airing on SET on 23rd April.

However, Colors is not leaving any stone unturned in making sure that Kapil’s show does not do well. They are not sure that “Comedy Nights Bachao” will be able to take on Kapil’s show so they have taken refuge with Deepika who is Kapil’s first love.

Colors will not air Comedy Nights Bachao during the first episode of Comedy Nights Bachao but will air last year’s biggest hit movie “Bajirao Mastani” that too without any ad break. This goes on to show the kid of bitterness and rivalry which has brewed between Colors and Kapil.

Now that both the weapons are ready, lets see how it goes.

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