Chandan Gave This Befitting Reply To Sunil Grover When He Tried Trolling Him On Twiiter

Even after leaving The Kapil Sharma Show, Sunil Grover still shares a good rapport with the team members of TKSS. Sunil Grover never misses any chance to pull leg of any of his former colleagues.


Recently Chandan uploaded an interesting pic on Twitter. Sunil tried to troll Chandu. But little did he know that it will backfire him only. Chandu gave a hilarious reply to the comedian and the fans are loving their conversation.

This is the pic shared by Chandan. He captioned it, “Sometimes posture of ur body defines you..Love.”

Sunil took this as an opportunity to pull his leg. He took to Twitter to troll Chandan. The 41 years old comedian wrote,” In This picture what are you trying to define, the poster of your body or beauty of the building behind you?”

However, Sunil didn’t know that his attempt to troll Chandan will backfire him. Chandan gave him a hilarious reply. He replied, “Hahaha..paji my posture is bcoz of the beauty of the building.”

Chandan’s hilarious reply to Sunil Grover

A huge fight took place between Kapil and Sunil when they were returning from a show. After the infamous mid-air brawl, the relation of both the comedians was badly affected.


Even after numerous attempts from the team of Kapil, Sunil didn’t come back. However, Chandan who has also left TKSS with Sunil made a grand entry a month ago.


Chandan’s entry did not affect Sunil and Chandan’s relation. Both the comedian still shares a good rapport. Fans are overwhelmed to see this hilarious conversation happening between both these comedians. We wish that we can see the whole team of TKSS together.