7 Celebrities Who Battled With Drug Addiction And Finally Won The Fight

Drug addiction is the worst thing that can ever happen to a person. The person who is addicted to things like smoking, drinking and drugs ruin their lives and have no future left.

Not only it ensnares unaware people in its claws, but many famous celebrities to find it hard to free themselves from these drug addictions.

Besides turning you weak to the point of destroying your health, it has a great impact on your psychological health leading to depression. It also causes your physical appearance to deteriorate with time. People who are addicted to drugs are more likely to die or age rapidly, then the ones who don’t.

Here is a list of celebrities who battled drug addiction for a very long time but eventually came out as a winner.

1. Angelina Jolie

I did almost every type of drug in existence. Those were really dark times for me,” she was once quoted saying when she was suffering from drug addiction. 

The beautiful lady was once a victim of anorexia and depression. She started taking drugs and got used to it. After her superhit flick, Lara Croft released, she was over these drugs. Today, she is the most successful actress in Hollywood.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

The actor suffered at the hands of fame, indulging in wild revelry and substance abuse. It increased to such a point that he lost contracts with major studios and serious problems with the law. He was imprisoned for 16 months. However, he came out as a winner in the end after a long battle with drugs.

3. Adele

Adele was very conscious about her appearance on stage. So she started drinking before her shows. Once her performer said,”Once I got so drunk that, when I had to go onstage, I forgot the words to my own songs. It was the worst night of my life.”

In 2009, she finally kicked off this habit as it was overpowering her very health and her career.

4. Anthony Hopkins

“In my youth, I used to think that drinking helps you to relax, to feel free, and, therefore, to be a better actor. Many people in my profession think the same way. They are wrong,” said Hopkins once.

“Alcohol almost killed me. If I hadn’t stopped, I would’ve been lying somewhere in Mexico now. At best — in a gutter, at worst — buried under some cactus.”

“When drunk, I used to occasionally fall asleep at the wheel. And I could’ve easily smashed into another car or run over a pedestrian,” he recalled those days and that was also the time he decided to get rid of this dangerous habit.

5. Drew Barrymore

Getting so much fame at such a young age affected Barrymore physically and psychologically as well. She started drinking at a tender age of 13. Continuous scandals, tantrums, and drug overdose led her to spend an eight-month stint in a rehab clinic.

She then took up a job as a waitress in a restaurant and modeling as well. With constant hard work and trust in her dreams, she is now the most sought-after actress in Hollywood.

6. Eminem

He mixed up his drugs once and might have succumbed to death, had not the medical treatment reached to him on time. At this point, he realized his duty towards his biological daughter and 2 foster daughters. He left the pit of drugs behind him forever.

7. Kristin Davis

To avoid the stage-phobia, she suffered from intensely, she started drinking. When she reached 25, she had become a total alcoholic. Her friend couldn’t stand the sight of her destroying her life and recommended her to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and yoga courses. It really worked for her and since then she hadn’t had a single relapse.

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