CCTV Footage Of A Molester In Delhi Attacking A Girl Then Something Happens At The End

“We were playing in the park when we heard a scream. We rushed towards the sound. We saw a foreigner, who was all teary, and then a man running towards Apeejay School. We sensed something was wrong,” said Sarthak Sharma  (Class XII, LBS School RK Puram).

“We were discussing where he could have gone when we saw him hiding behind a car. As we approached near him, he confidently came out as if he hadn’t done anything. But we recognized him,” said Japneet (2nd year, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College)

We’ve recently come across many social experiments where people fail to react to any act of violence or molestation happening on the roads. But looking at this act of those young boys the lost faith in humanity seems to have been restored and it is quite clear now that people don’t keep quiet for everything happening in front of them. They react & when they react they save a life.
Have a look at this video which will inspire you and make you feel about those young boys who saved a Foreigner from the clinches of a Molester in Delhi.

Watch the video of the man who snatched the woman’s phone and was beaten up by these young boys:


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