This Is How You Can Attend Live Shoot Of The Kapil Sharma Show!


Are you eager to participate in TKSS and enjoy the hilarious comedy of Kapil? At present, it has the highest TRP amongst all programs shown on Television. If you too are eager to enjoy live the awesome jokes of Kapil and want to be an audience there, then here we will explain how you can go there. You will also be provided contact details of comedy Style King and ways to watch the show online.


We hear that a group of unknown people are trying to cash on the popularity of the show by selling fake passes .

Anyone who asks for money to get tickets to The kapil sharma Show is a SCAM and do not pay a single rupee to get tickets to attend as audience at the show.

How To Be A Part As Guest Audience On The Kapil Sharma Show


The show Kapil Sharma Show conceived and acted by the famous comedian Kapil Sharma along with other comedy stars has its unique feature of audience participation in it.

The show is shot at Mumbai’s Goregaon Filmcity and there is a theatre in which the first part of the drama is shot. During the interval, Kapil invites audience to participate when he addresses them by raising questions and answering their queries.

If you are also willing to be a part of the audience and interact with your favorite comedian as well as Bollywood stars, then you can easily do so. This show has audience participation which is a unique idea of Kapil in itself. In his own words while being interviewed with IANS,“My show has audience participation. This is my show’s USP. I have also brought in theatre in the show. There is drama before the interval, then interaction with the public.” Reference from: The Times of India.

The shooting set of this show is at Goregaon, Mumbai. Nowadays, tickets for this show are available with recommendation (sifaarish) of some known person. This might have happened because of increased popularity of the show.

The kapil Sharma show is all set to distribute free tickets and passes online for Mumbai residents. Kapil Sharma back with his new show ” The Kapil Sharma Show “. Are you interested to participate in Kapil sharma show and get an entry into the audience of the show? Do you really like being in the audience at TKSS show on Sony Television.Firstly You have to be in Mumbai to watch the show live. The show is held in Film City every week.


How to steps To get entry passes for the show

First of all go directly to film city and meet the person concerned who arranges for the free passes.
The other way is to write a letter to the director of the Sony TV channel or the producer of the show TKSS asking for the entry tickets.
You can write them either online by visiting their official website or offline by writing a letter and then posting it or handing it over to them personally.
If you’re lucky to be selected you’ll receive a reply from them in which the date and other details about the show for which you’ve given the pass will be mentioned.Most importantly you’re not charged anything for the tickets and it’s absolutely free of cost.So good luck and happy viewing 🙂

You can also send tweet to creative director of The Kapil Sharma Show,

Preeti Simoes –>

Many time Kapil himself responded on twitter to the request of the fans he let them know the place and timing of the show you can try this too.

Kapil Sharma –>

The Best Option To Get Passes Is To Contact :- The Kapil Sharma Show 

You will get some of the help!

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