Bouncers Beaten A Sikh Man At Nightclub Because They Thought He Is A Terrorist

According to Sawhney, ” While all his friends were allowed in the nightclub, he was the only one who was stopped by the bouncers, and according to bouncers since he was wearing a turban he is a terrorist.”

Mr. Sawhney wrote a post on Facebook about this disgraceful incident which was shared by thousands of people around the globe.

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Since, the post went viral around the social media, the Polish embassy in UK assured him their support and probe in the matter.


Just few days after the incident, the Shakers nightclub gave a written apology to Sawhney, but there was no strict action taken against the bouncer yet.


Sawhney felt really grateful after receiving support and encouragement from around the world and especially from Polish people after the incident.

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