Blue Whale Challenge! These Are The 50 Challenges That The Players Get In This Deadly Game

Games fascinate people of almost every age group. Recently a game named Blue whale challenge  became popular in no time. In fact, it shouldn’t be called a game. It is far from being a game. We can better call it a deadly pathway for the players.

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In this game young teens who accept the game have to complete various tasks. 50 challenges are given to the player.  The player has to complete all those 50 challenges in 50 days. Moreover, they have to record a video of it while completing every task.

The tasks are like give yourself 1 cut a day, make yourself sick, hurt yourself and many more like that. In the end of the game, the player is asked to jump from the top of the building and take his own life.

In a shocking incident, a 13-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh jumped off the building and died. He even recorded a video while doing all this. Various similar incidents are taking place all across the world.


It is known by different names like ‘A Silent House,’ ‘A Sea Of Whales’ and ‘Wake Me Up At 4:20am.’ This suicidal game is played on a Russian website VKontakte.  Here are the 50 deadly chllenges of this game

 Here are the 50 deadly chllenges of this game

1. Carve with a razor “f57” on your hand, send a photo to the curator.

2. Wake up at 4.20 a.m. and watch psychedelic and scary videos that curator sends you.

3. Cut your arm with a razor along your veins, but not too deep, only 3 cuts, send a photo to the curator.

4. Draw a whale on a sheet of paper, send a photo to curator.

5. If you are ready to “become a whale”, carve “YES” on your leg. If not– cut yourself many times (punish yourself)


6. Task with a cipher.

7. Carve “f40” on your hand, send a photo to curator.

8. Type “#i_am_whale (rus. #я_кит) in your VKontakte status.

9. You have to overcome your fear.

10. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to a roof (the higher the better)


11. Carve a whale on your hand with a razor, send a photo to curator.

12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos all day.

13. Listen to music that “they” (curators) send you.

14. Cut your lip

15. Poke your hand with a needle many times

16. Do something painful to yourself, make yourself sick

17. Go to the highest roof you can find, stand on the edge for some time.

18. Go to a bridge, stand on the edge

19. Climb up a crane or at least try to do it

20. The curator checks if you are trustworthy


21. Have a talk “with a whale” (with another player like you or with a curator) in Skype

22. Go to a roof and sit on the edge with your legs dangling

23. Another task with a cipher.

24. Secret task

25. Have a meeting with a “whale”

26. The curator tells you the date of your death and you have to accept it

27. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to rails (visit any railroad that you can find)


28. Don’t talk to anyone all day

29. Make a vow that “you’re a whale”

30-49. Everyday you wake up at 4:20 a.m., watch horror videos, listen to music that “they” send you, make 1 cut on your body per day, talk “to a whale.”

50. Jump off a high building. Take your life.

Blue whale challenge is a stupid game with the most terrible challenges. Please make sure that no teen around you tries to play this game as it ends up taking the player’s life.