“BJP Never Promised ‘ACCHE DIN’”, This Statement Of A Minister Will Shock You To The Core


Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Minister for Steel and Mines in Modi Cabinet has put the Modi government in an embarrassing situation by saying that Bharatiya Janta Party never raised “Acche Din” slogans while campaigning for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

He was talking to media person in Indore, he said, “During 2014 Lok Sabha elections slogans like ‘Acche din aayenge and Rahul nani ghar jayenge’ were raised on social media. People on social media suggested these words to BJP leaders ahead of polls.”

Tomar was defending the government for not fulfilling all the promises made during the campaign. However, PM Narendra Modi has generously used “Acche Din” slogan in his public rallies and asked people to defeat Congress so that Acche din aaye.

While talking in a rally in Baroda on 16 May 2014, after winning the Lok Sabha Elections, PM even went on to say “Acche Din aa gaye”.

Tomar has provided the opposition with an issue to criticize the government and endorsing that the government is always making false promises. Earlier also, when BJP President Amit Shah said that PM never promised that he will bring black money and deposit Rs.15 lakhs in everybody’s account, the opposition used it as a weapon against government.

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