7 Biggest Dating Fails That Can Happen To Anyone

You met a girl in your college and you both hit well together. Moreover, in few days you have managed to convince her for dating. However, dating isn’t as simple and sweet as it looks. From deciding what to wear to who will pay the bill, there ae several brainstorming questions.


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First few days of dating can be some of the most agonizing moments of your life. It’s not like dating doesn’t get successful. But there’s nothing wrong to be ready for the worst. Therefore today we have compiled the biggest dating fails that can happen to anyone.

Here are the 7 biggest dating fails. Have a look…

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It’s a big no…

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Men will be men

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That’s the reason she got dumped by his boyfriend before getting into the relationship

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When you are bad in taking hints


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High expectations!


Share these with your friends to let them know about the dating failures. So that they don’t repeat these mistakes.