Because Of Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dilwale” Distributors Suffered Huge Loss

Loss Due To Dilwale

It is being said that Shah Rukh Khan as a producer has secured his investment in his movie “Dilwale” but as per the sources, distributors of the movie have incurred losses.

The movie which was released on 18th December has done business of Rs. 130 Crore only in Indian market in the last 12 days and its lifetime business in domestic market is being forecasted somewhere between Rs. 145 Crore – Rs. 150 Crore, which is very less in comparison to the business done by Shah Rukh’s last movie “Happy New Year”.

Shah Rukh sold the movie directly to distributors through his company Red Chillies and these deals took place almost 6 months before its release.

At that time, it was hoped that the movie will do business of Rs. 225-250 Crore in domestic market and that’s why it got sold on high prices; however, business has been less than expected and distributors also suffered much loss.

As per the sources, movie was sold in:

Delhi, Punjab for Rs. 40 Crore (35% Loss)
Rajasthan for Rs. 8.25 Crore (40% Loss)
Mysore for Rs. 8.50 Crore (20% Loss)
Nizam for Rs. 9 Crore (25% Loss)
Western India (Bengal, Bihar, Odisha) for Rs 12.5 Crore – Movie did good business in Bengal so may be the distributor has not incurred loss.

Shah Rukh himself distributed movie in Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Central India (Madhya Pradesh) and Mumbai area (70% Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat), so whatever happened, profit or loss, it was all in his account.

Distributors felt that the movie performed badly because of Shah Rukh’s comment on “growing intolerance” and also due to the tough competition that it has got from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Bajirao Mastani”.

Source : Bollywood Bhaskar