BB Ki Vines Aka Bhuvan Bam Sharing Selfie With Kapil Sharma, Something Awesome Coming!

Bhuvan Bam has been a latest sensation in youtubers community with great support and viewers engagement on this youtube channel BB ki Vines.Each Video reaching about million views and huge number of subscribers.

The achievement is fast and growing rapidly.Bhuvan apart from comedy is musician by profession and earns by doing Live shows. Bhuvan lives in New Delhi and his aim behind his vines is to bring smiles on everuones face.His name BB has no other significance apart from it being his initials.He has been doing comedy and entertaining people since he was in school,and also made some random videos in past which were largely appreciated.His family is supporting him in doing so now.

Today he shared a selfie with Kapil Sharma. We fans are expecting something but we don’t know what it is but I am damn sure something awesome coming soon.

Here’s picture posted by BB Ki Vines aka Bhuvan Bam with Kapil Sharma ;