Bad News For Kapil Sharma Fans! It’s Confirmed, The Kapil Sharma Show Is Going Off Air..

Nothing is going right in Kapil Sharma’s professional life after the mid-air brawl with Sunil Grover. It looks like now it’s the end of Kapil Sharma’s reign. After his fight not only his fans slammed him but his fellow team members also left him alone. Along with Sunil Grover, his best friend Chandan and Ali Asgar also left his show.

Series of bad news has surfaced the comedian. First his fight with Sunil, then he along with other team members boycotted his show. Recently a stand up comedian also accused the TKSS of copying his jokes. And now the worst of all has come.

The Kapil Sharma Show

Image Source: Bollywood Life

The Kapil Sharma Show is going off air as the Sony Channel is not willing to renew his contract

According to DNA,

Sony, the channel that airs the show, is in no mood to renew their contract with the comedian-actor which means it is the end of the road for The Kapil Sharma Show.”

Sunil’s absence from the show is costing the makers a huge sum as the viewership has gone below the expectations. Before Sunil and Kapil’s fallout, the show had a consistent TRP. However, after the feud, the TRP has drastically fallen.

The Kapil Sharma show

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The makers tried to save the show by bringing new characters. However, it made no difference. Kapil’s online apology also couldn’t salvage the situation. Sunil seemed firm in his decision. This time he is not going to compromise his self-respect for money. He has chosen self-respect above money. All of these situations leave the makers with only one option and that is to close the show.

The daily quoted a source saying, “The makers are definitely not ready to pay Rs 107 crore for a show which is getting them nothing. Kapil might negotiate but the channel heads are shocked. Either Kapil has to get back Sunil and Ali, else his show stands scrapped. The latter is most likely to happen because Grover and Asgar are not ready to budge from their stand.”


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Moreover, there are rumors about the Sony Channel wanting to come up with a new show with Sunil Grover.

The source quoted DNA,

They are planning to invest in Sunil now for a different show altogether. Ever since the fight happened, even rival channel Colors (who have a long standing issue with Kapil) has approached Sunil for a show but he has not signed anything. Sony has rights to his characters — Rinku bhabi and Dr Mashoor Gulati— and they also earn a chunk of money from his live shows where he performs in his avatars…So they might have a show with these characters.”

News Source – DNA