Bad Days For TKSS! Kapil Sharma Gets Accused Of Stealing Jokes By This Comedian

Every single day a new controversy surrounds Kapil Sharma. it seems like there’s no end of all these controversies for the comedian. After Sunil Grover’s exit from the show, Kapil is stuck with this new problem.

A stand up comedian has accused him of stealing his joke. For a comedian, his jokes are his assets. It is their means of living. While they crack jokes, the audience assumes that those jokes are unique and not copied from anywhere. Same is the case with Kapil Sharma. The ace comedian is no doubt one of the best comedians on the Indian Television. However, he was recently accused of stealing jokes.


Image Source: ScoopWhoop

Abhijit Ganguly the popular stand-up comedian accused Kapil of lifting his joke and using it as his “original” on TKSS. He posted a long message on Facebook highlighting the case of plagiarism.

It was about yesterday’s episode of TKSS. Yesterday TKSS completed its 100 episodes and cricketers of the Indian women’s day graced the show. The show is lauded for its jokes as they seemed to be their own. But now after the accusation by the stand-up comedian, this doesn’t seem true anymore.

After the show was aired, Abhijeet received a message from his friends alerting him that his joke on “my younger brother bowler” has been lifted in TKSS. While everyone including Sidhu laughed out loud at the joke, he was filled with rage.

Here check out the post below

Abhijeet has uploaded a video on YouTube about having an elder brother and its effect on April 9. The video went viral and got 256,444 views until today.

Now watch this video of last night’s episode of TKSS. At 52:15 you”ll see that Kiku has used the same joke that Abhijeet cracked on his video.

Does this mean that without Sunil Grover, Kapil is falling short of jokes? What do you guys think about this plagiarism incident? Share your views with us.