Baahubali2: Do You Know There’s A Connection Between Deepika Padhukone And Baahubali’s Katappa

Director SS Rajamouli’s movie Baahubali was one of the biggest hits of 2015. It broke many records and became the highest grossing Indian film. It’s been more than an year since the movie has released. But still there’s a question that is left unanswered. All of us know the question and that infamous question is “Why Katappa killed Baahubali?”


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We were forced by our minds to assume as to why did he kill Baahubali. What turned the loyal warrior against his own king. Was Baahubali just a pawn or Katappa was forced to do so by someone else? Ever since we saw the first installment of the movie,we have been making these unending assumptions. But now finally the wait is over as Baahubali 2 is going to hit the cinema on 27 April,2017.

Sathyaraj is the actor who has essayed the role of Katappa in the film. He is a senior artist and till today he has worked in more than 250 films. Despite having 40 years of experience in the industry, he is famous among the people as Katappa.


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While today we know him as Katappa but this is not the first time when he has appeared in Hindi movie. You will be surprised to know that you have seen him in a famous Bollywood movie. So not keeping you in suspense let’s break the ice.

Katappa’s relation with Deepika Padukone

He played a pivotal role in Shahrukh Khan starer “Chennai Express”.Well, this Baahubali fame actor essayed the role of Deepika Padukone’s strict father.


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In the Rohit Shetty’s directorial movie he was a strict father who only care about his power and money. It didn’t even matter to him if his daughter was in love with someone and wanted to marry him.

Now as the movie is hitting the cinemas soon, all the eyes are on him. Finally the wait is over. All of us are very curious to know as to why Katappa killed Baahubali.