Can You Believe A Question Based On “Baahubali” Was Asked In B.Tech Examination?

There is absolutely no doubt with regard to the fame of very popular movie “Baahubali” which has ranked it among the best movies of Hindi Cinema and there could be hardly a person who has not heard it. At one fell swoop, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s a magnum opus and one of the best Tollywood movies who magnificence has not faded away even after so many months of its release. Also it’s true that “Baahubali” has always been in news for some reason or the other, obviously all positive ones. But in this article, we present you something extremely bizarre that you would not have even imagined….

It would come to you as a great surprise cum shock that a Civil engineering question paper, VIT, Chennai, put up a query which involved the movie…. Can you believe it?

A question carrying 20 marks was set by Mahendra Gattu, assistant professor, which asked students for designing a set that provides maximum stability to the structure for making sure that actors are safe. This question had been asked in an examination conducted in August.


As per him, “Rather than asking conventional textbook questions by merely changing the values, I set the question based on a popular movie.”

He further added, “Most of my other questions are application-based, which the students will be able to relate to their day-to-day lives.”

Quite naturally, it made students pleased as well as surprised on seeing a question like this in their exam paper.

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Bluegape : Source