BAAHUBALI Scenes Copied From Hollywood Movies. Watch These Shocking Scenes

Baahubali movie rocked the box office even after weeks of its release. However, there were a lot of mistakes in the epic film and a lot of backlogs in the conclusion of the movie’s first part.

What we did miss in our previous articles was that the war scenes which are filmed with very pretty and high edge graphics made us fall for the beauty but later on did we come to know about the copying of the whole concepts of the war scenes.

One of the most similar scenes was the King Kong movie’s similarity. But, as it went on with increasing number of similar scenes and even the posters, it went from applaud able to expendable criticism.

Baahubali Kingkong

Even the concept of Anushka Sharma’s character is taken from the movie The Book Of Esther.


The war sequences are very similar to the movie 300. The way of blood spills in the sword wounds just make us remember the movie 300 again and again!!!


Now, coming to the posters of the movie, the poster of the baby carried just above the water’s shore is also taken from the movie Simon Birch.