This is How Baahubali 2 Starcast Looks in Real Life!

Baahubali is a movie which has done really well based on its strong content and not based on the star power of its cast. The cast might have been popular in Telugu film industry, but was hitherto unknown in other parts of the country (especially the Hindi speaking Belt).

However, with the movie breaking all the success records; all the actors have become Stars in their own right now. Here, we bring the actors who are behind those characters.

1. Anushka Shetty


She is a household name in Tollywood and has essayed some of the most remembered romantic characters in the past. Devasana, as a character, has many layers and Anushka has been able to bring those layers to the fore with aplomb.

2. Nasser


The actor has played some key roles in Bollywood movies in the past and is best remembered for his role in Rowdy Rathore. However, he has done this role equally well and looks the part.

3. Prabhakar


He plays the role of Kalakeya and his whole make up in the movie can give you nightmares. Rajamouli seems to have worked extra hard on this character to make it super repulsive. Remember the language in which these guys talked?

4. Prabhas


He is a household name in Tollywood; even though he remains a fairly unknown commodity in Bollywood. His power packed performance in Baahubali, however, is just plain awesome!

5. Ramya Krishna


She has played roles in a number of hindi movies, but she is not really known to the Hindi Cinema goers. Here, she has essayed the role of Sivagami with a lot of ease. She looks really convincing while taking those hard decisions during the movie.

6. Rana Daggubati


Rana plays the antagonist in the movie and his beefed up look for the role has been appreciated.

7. Sathyaraj


He might have played the most under-rated character in the franchise (very similar to the role of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharata).

8. Sudeep


Sudeep has played a small and non-pivotal role of a Persian trader in the movie. However, he has played it to perfection and helps us understand the prowess of Katappa in just a few moments.

9. Tamannah Bhatia


She is known for playing some mindless roles in Bollywood but she is successful actor in Tolywood. Her portrayal of Avanthika, however, is pretty good and she has been able to bring the character to life.

Image Sources: Bollywood Bubble