Astonishing Facts About Disney Movies That Will Make You Go Crazy

Disney has made our childhood awesome and we cannot deny this fact. As a child, we all have lots of memories with Disney. All those cartoons, animated shows, and Disney movies we used to watch always made us smile. Tom and Pumbaa, The Little Mermaid, Recess, Aladdin etc. And it still manages to make children cheerful with its amazing shows.

The kind of movies we watch on Disney presents a dream world, with heavenly peace, and perfect love stories. However, behind theses ‘perfect scenarios’ are the most imperfect realities hidden behind them. They carry with them the dark, cruel, insane reality which is hard to believe as we grow up.

Here we are going to tell you such astonishing facts about Disney movies that will make you go crazy-

We are literally gonna ruin your childhood memories!! So read on if you really wanna know.

1. In 1999, the VHS copies of The Rescuers were recreated due to the presence of a topless woman in the background which was clearly visible.

2. Many theatre seats in the Radio City Music Hall, New York had to be reupholstered after kids wet their pants while watching Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

3. According to the reports, Beyonce auctioned for Tiana’s role. But this news turned out to be a hoax. She never auctioned for that role as she was very confident that it will be offered to her anyway.

3. As opposed to the royal customs, Disney princesses wore opera gloves to symbolize that they are married in the royalty. However, royal princesses never do such thing.

4. Princess Arora has a mere 18 lines and appeared for only 18 minutes. Despite this fact, she is considered as an official Disney princess.

5. If Finding Nemo would have been true, then Nemo’s father would have switched sexes after the death of Nemo’s mother to mate with his son.

6. In the original tale of Cinderella, her shoes were supposed to be that of fur. However, due to mistranslation, they turned into that of glass.

7. The secret behind the appearance of ‘A113’ car in every Pixar movie is very interesting. It is a tribute to the California Institute of Arts classroom, where most of the animators of the company got their start.

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