Anushka Sharma Gave A Fitting Reply To A Fan Who Claimed That He Has Carved Her Name On His Kidney

Anushka Sharma is one of the hottest female actors in Bollywood. She started her career with Shahrukh Khan’s starrer Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and today she is one of the most sorted for actresses in the film industry.

As someone who didn’t have any filmy background she was a complete outsider and had to face a lot before she tasted success. Needless to say, she can woo anybody with her alluring looks and charming personality.

That’s why she enjoys such wide fan following all over the globe. Not only in India, she has fans everywhere. Therefore, to be more close to her fans and get in touch with them, she started a Twitter session named #AskAnushka.

Seconds after starting this session, questions came flooding in. Everybody wanted to steal her attention with their interesting questions. And believe it is very interesting. People are literally competing to grab her attention.

Here are some of the tweets-

Some asked about her movies, others were more interested in knowing about her personal life.

Some questions concerned her personality.

Anushka too replied them in the most hilarious and witty manner possible.

Not only this, one fan went too far this time. He even dared to tell Anushka Sharma that he has carved her name on his kidney.

This twitter handle, Ace Hole crossed all limits and asked the weirdest question of all. Even more than a question, it was a revelation.

However, instead of taking on her witty side, she turned furious at such nonsense. Tha ‘Sultan’ actress got angry and gave him a very fitting reply.

She tweeted back,”Please don’t speak rubbish.”

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