Her BOYFRIEND Called Her Hippo, Now Her Transformation Will Shock You

We often come across many incidents in real-life or on the Internet where people are bullied for certain reasons. Or you yourself at some point might have been a victim of such prejudices.

There could be many reasons for people to look down upon you. It could be body shaming because you are overweight or underweight, it could be your facial appearance, it could be your professional losses or personal problems.

Sometimes it can take a very ugly turn leading people suffering from such humiliation to suicides. However, there are also some who take these insults as a source of encouragement to push themselves harder from their comfort zone and achieve wonders in their life.

The moment you get past that stage and see the new you, you just love who you have become. And instead of having any hard feelings for those who bullied you, you feel grateful to them for turning you into what you are now.

Something similar happened to a girl named Christine. The 28-year-old felt challenged when her boyfriend insulted her and called her names.

He called her a hippo which hurt her a lot. She felt annoyed and challenged. It turned out that her boyfriend didn’t want her to lose weight and when she began to do the same, he became extremely unsupportive.

As she started to lose weight, her boyfriend became very jealous. At this point, she realized that he is not worth being with. So she broke up with him.

Her transformation is really amazing


Her struggle was real and she worked very hard to lose 150 pounds. Earlier she weighed 275 pounds and decided to seek medical treatments.


She underwent gastric sleeve surgery and she lost 50 pounds from it. After that, she lost 100 pounds more by doing daily exercises and taking a balanced diet.


The most important thing she realized is her self-respect. This transformation boosted her confidence and she soon realized how mean and dominating he was. Therefore, she decided to move on.


Christine’s story of her transformation and her journey are really inspirational.

Sometimes all you need is just that little push which encourages you to not focus on the negativity and do things that make you happy.