Alia Bhatt Is From Another World Where Onion Costs 7 Rupees Per Kg

Alia Bhatt is real dumb or she just acts like the dumbest person in this world? We sure need to find out about that one. This 22 year old woman who looks like 15 just announced that Onion price is 7 rupees per kilo. Yes, Alia we want to live in that world too with you. Alia told this while promoting Shaandar on Comedy nights with Kapil.

Alia’s co-star Shahid Kapoor who was also there at the show with her had a tough time controlling his laugh. Alia however failed to understand what she said wrong. We wonder if she can be called Indian Jessica Simpson, you know the Hollywood rocket scientist who invented Sea Chicken. She also resembles Paris Hilton a lot in terms of dumb quote.

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