Akshay Kumar Got Himself Trolled As He Did This Major Mistake During The Match

Bollywood came together to cheer for the Indian women’s cricket team. And when it comes to philanthropy how can Akshay Kumar be left behind. He is always up for extending help and to provide support to people.

India is a country where cricket is treated as religion and cricketers as gods. However it’s only the Indian men’s cricket team that is given the support and love. And when it comes to Indian women’s team people hardly know anything about them.

Akshay Kumarsource

However this time there was a revolutionary change which was seen. There was an equal excitement for the women’s cricket world team as that of Men’s world cup. People turned up in huge numbers to watch the world cup.

Akshay Kumar was also seen at the stadium cheering for the team. However he did a major mistake which gave people a chance to troll the actor.


He was cheering for the Indian women team holding the Indian flag. However he was holding it the wong way. The saffron color of the flag which is supposed to be at the top was at the bottom.

Akshay didn’t notice it and shared his pic with the flag on Facebook. But fans took a notice of it and didn’t leave this chance to troll him.

Check photo twice before posting

Don’t be another Srk


While some were busy in trolling the actor, others were overwhelmed by seeing him there supporting the Indian women’s team.

Respect Akki

Thankful for his warm gesture

Salute to you Akki

True Indian

He met the Indian women cricketers after the match and gave them a good laugh as we can see in the pic shared by the actor.

‪Even Broken Hearts Can Laugh!!‬‪These Women have started a Revolution and I couldn't be more proud 👊🏽 #WWC17Final ‬

Posted by Akshay Kumar on 23 जुलै 2017

He might have held the flag in a wrong way and didn’t notice it amid all the excitement of the game. However what actually matters is that he took time out of his busy schedule for the Indian women’s team. Hats off to you Akshay!


The tweet read, “Extending my sincerest apology for violating the code of conduct for the tricolor.Didn’t mean to offend anyone, the picture has been removed”

We are proud of Akshay that he realized his mistake and immediately sought an apology. As we said earlier, Akshay must not have done this intentionally. He’s a human and mistakes do happen; should we slam him this way for patriotism?